Selling a Home Can Be Challenging.

We Make it Simple - and Easy.

MN Custom Homes purchases properties in Bellevue, Kirkland & Mercer Island for residential home development.  We created the MN Home Purchase Program to educate home sellers on the process and benefits of working with us. There can be many advantages to selling your home to a builder, including above market sales price, elimination of worrying about market volatility, clarity around your close date and purchase price and having the time to arrange your next move.  This website details the process of how we purchase homes, how it can work as a win-win for the seller and MN and answers common questions from home owners from our 150+ transactions with local sellers. 

The MN Home Purchase Programs consists of:

  1. Questions you should consider when preparing to sell your home.

  2. Step-by-step process for how to sell your home off-market.

  3. Tools and resources to make your decision easier, like the Net Proceeds Comparison Calculator.

Keep reading for a list of benefits from working with us and testimonials from satisfied home sellers.  If you want to jump straight to learning about the process, click here for more on “How it Works”. 




The MN | Home Purchase Program is a unique and custom-designed process by which to sell your home while avoiding the extra costs and hassles of selling through traditional home sales methods.


maximize your sale price

Receive a 10-20% above market offer. It's true. Believe it or not, this process actually makes you money and makes it simple.


“I knew I was moving to Eastern Washington, but hadn’t found my new home yet. MN Custom Homes worked with me to design a contract that gave me flexibility on a move out date.  Without that flexibility, I wouldn’t have felt comfortable selling my home.” -Tracy M., Enatai | Bellevue

Your motivations for moving are unique. Ensuring we understand your reasons for selling and what your next move is helps us structure the sale of your home to meet your needs.


toolbox vintage.jpeg

the ability to

Avoid the hassle of repairs and preparing your home for sale. Eliminate living in a home while it's for sale and on the market.


“There were other builders that we didn’t feel as comfortable working with.  Our neighbors worked with MN Custom Homes as well and referred us to them.” -Eugene & Ruth M., Lake Hills | Bellevue

We have closed on 100% of our homes that have passed feasibility; a stat unique in the industry.  We strive to have clean job sites, build efficiently and treat your neighborhood with respect.


don't pay extra

Pay fewer transaction costs than you would through traditional home sale methods. Just one more way the process is easier.


“My neighbors sold their home to MN Custom Homes. The project manager was great to work with and built the home so fast.” -Cecil S., Enatai | Bellevue

“I was nervous selling to a home builder, but Erik walked me through the process of selling by ourselves and we moved out on our terms.” -Marvin & Velma, Wilburton | Bellevue

Make a decision that’s right for you with a partner that’s right for your neighborhood.


“I heard about selling to a home builder from a friend.  My older home wasn’t in the best condition, but I got more than my neighbor just around the corner.” -Bob N., Houghton | Kirkland

Take advantage of a company that’s looking to invest in your neighborhood. 



Select Your Close Date

Choose a move out date that works for you. The entire program works around your needs and how we can make the process easy.

“I didn’t want to spend the time and money on lot of updates and replace my roof.  Good thing I didn’t have to when I sold to MN Custom Homes.” -Tom B., Rose Hill | Kirkland

“Having to leave my house staged for tours and open houses didn’t seem appealing.  Made my decision to sell to MN Custom Homes the easy one.” -Barb L., Eastgate | Bellevue
You have enough on your plate. Why add more ‘honey-dos’ to your list when you’re planning your move, packing and getting ready for your next adventure.

peace of mind

Work with a reputable builder who treats you with respect, follows through on their word and takes care of the details.


“Selling my home myself was easier than I thought.  No repairs, updates, staging or listing costs.  Less costs meant more money left for my move to be closer to my grandkids.” -Wanda R., Newport Hills | Bellevue

Math made easy for home owners who partner with us: fewer costs + less stress = more money and peace of mind!


Leaving a legacy

Partner with a builder who creates a beautiful space not just for the property but for the neighborhood.