Selling a Home Can Be Challenging. We Make it Easy.

Owning a home is a labor of love; a lot of work, a lifetime of memories and a hopefully return on a hard-earned investment over time. And when the timing is right, your next life transition could lead to the most important decision on one of your biggest assets. Home owners have looked to non-traditional ways of selling that can lead to easier transitions, fewer headaches and more equity left over to spend however you want. 

This is why the MN | Home Purchase Program was created.

The MN | Home Purchase Program is a unique and custom-designed process by which to sell your home while avoiding the extra costs and hassles of selling through traditional home sales methods.


maximize your sale price

Receive a 10-20% above market offer. It's true. Believe it or not, this process actually makes you money and makes it simple.

Select Your Close Date

Choose a move out date that works for you. The entire program works around your needs and how we can make the process easy.

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the ability to

Avoid the hassle of repairs and preparing your home for sale. Eliminate living in a home while it's for sale and on the market.


peace of mind

Work with a reputable builder who treats you with respect, follows through on their word and takes care of the details.

don't pay extra

Pay fewer transaction costs than you would through traditional home sale methods. Just one more way the process is easier.

Leaving a legacy

Partner with a builder who creates a beautiful space not just for the property but for the neighborhood.