What if I have uncertainty about when I can/want to move out?

Your agreement with MN Custom Homes is completed crafted around your situation. You can select the best option for you; possibly including additional flexibility within the Purchase & Sale Agreement.


What do you mean by "traditional" home sales methods?

Most homes sales take place “on market” which includes time, money & effort to update/repair your home, listing through a real estate agent, staging your home. etc.  Then accept the best offer you can negotiate and hope the financing and contingencies progress as desired. Don’t forget to ensure that your own move works with those timeline.

Can you structure a deal around the renter that I have in my property?

Yes. This often works out best for everyone. Your renter gets to live in the home as agreed to; you get to collect rent revenue; and with a longer closer date, we can often pay more due to our increased efficiencies in planning/designing our home.


What is a "Purchase & Sale" Agreement?

The Purchase & Sale Agreement (PSA) is the document that records the agreement between you and MN Custom Homes. It includes the sales price, specific terms, close dates and all details in our offer. We recommend you review this with a real estate attorney to ensure peace of mind with the transaction.


Do you recommend reviewing the PSA with an advisor?

We strive to be as transparent as possible throughout the MN | Home Purchase Program and want you to be confident in our agreement. That's why we prefer you to review the agreement with a real estate attorney prior to signing. If you need a referral to legal counsel, we are happy to provide you with several reputable, local attorneys.


What is feasibility?

Feasibility is the process of reviewing the property, soil and other details that determine if we are able to build the type of home we are looking to develop. It typically takes two weeks to gather are findings and communicate the results to you for next steps.


When does feasibility take place?

It typically takes two weeks to gather are findings and communicate the results to you for next steps.


What is Earnest Money?

Earnest money is the amount paid to you after our feasibility review is complete. The agreed upon amount is then transferred into your bank account and is non-refundable to us.

What are some non-monetary benefits of working with MN|Custom Homes?         

Aside from having more money in your bank account, there are a handful of significant benefits to working with us:

1. There is no need to spend time, money or energy fixing up your home;

2. You don’t have to spend money on staging your home or hassle with vacating your staged home for a potential buyer.                                           

3. Unlike listing your home on the market, you get to determine when you move out. Even in hot markets, properties can sit longer than expected – or in some cases sell sooner than you are prepared for.

Will my neighbors be happy we sold to MN|Custom Homes?

Absolutely. We take pride in being courteous, clean neighbors while we build. We build homes that you and your neighborhood can be proud of.