Five Easy Steps to Selling your Home for More

For a vast majority of the owners we work with, the sale of their home to MN Custom Homes is the first real estate transaction that they have done by themselves.  We have created the MN | Home Purchase Program to assist home owners on the benefits and process of selling off-market to a home builder. 


1. Initial phone call. Understand what is most important to you with the sale of your home. Schedule a time today by contacting Erik Olberg: (206) 407-4823 or

2. Net Proceeds Comparison. Receive your personalized comparison of the financial benefits and increased conveniences of working with MN Custom Homes.

3. Review & Sign. Review the agreement – along with a trusted real estate advisor – and

4. Property Review. We perform quick onsite review (feasibility) of the property is completed soon after agreement.

  • If nothing significant is found, everything moves forward as agreed;

  • If there are complications, we discuss next steps in moving forward.

5. Earnest Money Released. After the feasibility review is approved, the earnest money is sent to you within days. The remaining balance of the purchase price is given to you at closing. That’s it!

Use the additional proceeds from working with MN | Custom Homes to fund retirement, college, family legacy, your next home or whatever you want!

Thank you for visiting our website for the MN Home Purchase Program. I hope that you found the information on how to sell your home off-market was helpful. Please make sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page which we’ve created from working with well over 100 satisfied home sellers.

We created this website for you to learn at your leisure. If you’re happy just perusing our website, know that we would love any feedback you can provide. Should you want to learn more about the Home Purchase Program, discover what your home is worth or hear testimonials from others who have worked with us feel free to email me a time that would work for a 10-15 minute phone call. 

Thanks again for visiting,

Erik Olberg VP, Property Acquisition (206) 407-4823